Explore The Kujira Ecosystem

Axelar's infrastructure enables dApp users to interact with any asset or application on the Kujira network with a few simple clicks.

This is key integration with the Sonar wallet. Squid allows any token to be swapped between Kujira & another blockchain. This unlocks access to apps on any chain in a single click.

Users onboard onto Kujira directly from a bank account or card. Kado makes moving from fiat to crypto fast, convenient and secure.

The Kujira network is integrated with Leap Wallet, including the mobile app.

Add the Kujira network to your Keplr wallet by simply landing on one of the Kujira dApps such BLUE, ORCA, FIN or BOW, and accept the popup.

The Kujira network is natively integrated into Station by Terra. Interact with Kujira dApps, IBC tokens across the Cosmos and more.

An official NFT partner of Kujira. Stargaze has hosted a series of mints including KujiransNFT, Kujira Hero, Shrimp Gang & more to come. All of these are available on their marketplace.

An incredibly easy way to onramp onto Kujira. Use Rango to trade $KUJI between 50+ blockchains with minimum effort.

Whether you want to swap $ETH to $KUJI, $ARB to $KUJI, or an array of other swaps, RocketX allows you to exchange on all leading blockchains, without any hassle.

Maya Protocol allows native swaps of assets such as $BTC, $ETH & more across the Kujira ecosystem.

Eris has brought the first Liquid Staked Token to the Kujira network. Deposited $KUJI in the Eris vaults to mint $ampKUJI & periodically the real yield staking rewards are swapped to more $KUJI.

A Cosmos chain providing Liquid Staking Derivatives such as $stATOM. Stride’s LSDs have various uses on Kujira, including trading on FIN, providing LP on BOW & minting $USK.


Nomic allows dApp users to securely & efficiently bridge their BTC to Kujira using IBC. $NBTC will be a collateral option offered to mint $USK.

DefiLlama provides the community with the means to track and analyse important metrics including TVL for the chain and dApps built on Kujira.

A key bridge partner of Kujira. Assets like $PAXG are bridged to Kujira by using Gravity and used as collateral for minting $USK. Gravity is also used to bridge KUJI onto Ethereum.

Funttastic Labs are building Hummingbot adaptors for FIN, which will enable anyone to create and activate high-frequency crypto trading bots on Kujira.

Coinhall enables users to track the price of assets on Kujira, set limit orders to buy and sell, or market buy trading pairs.

Terra's Alliance module is a Cosmos SDK module that leverages interchain staking to form economic alliances among blockchains. Now live on the Kujira network.

An all-in-one interface to manage your assets across the Kujira network and the entire Cosmos.

Nansen Portfolio is a great tool to track your Kujira holdings. Includes staking, as well as positions on BOW, ORCA & other Kujira dApps.

Coinweb's consensus-free interoperable protocol allows developers to build dApps and for anyone to issue tokens on Kujira. The Coinweb Wallet will also support Kujira tokens.

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The expansion of the Kujira ecosystem necessitates integrations with other projects to increase the range of services and products it can offer. This page catalogues the current integration landscape and the function each partner fulfils.